Shoulder Configuration

Advanced Prosthetic Arm System

Humeral Configuration

Caution:  Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare professional.

Radial Configuration

The LUKE arm has a very flexible control system that allows the arm to be controlled by a variety of input devices.  Familiar input devices may be used such as surface EMG electrodes and pressure switches.  In addition, the LUKE arm may be controlled by intuitive wireless IMUs (inertial measurement units) that are typically worn on top of the shoes.  The clinical team and the client work together to develop the input configuration that best meets the client's needs.

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The LUKE arm is a modular prosthetic arm that is configurable for different levels of amputation including transradial, transhumeral, and shoulder disarticulation. In its maximum configuration, it has 10 powered degrees of freedom including a powered shoulder, humeral rotator, and wrist flexor with ulnar/radial deviation. Multiple powered degrees of freedom can be moved at the same time. The hand has many preprogrammed grips using four individually controlled degrees of freedom. The hand also includes a sensor that provides grip force feedback. The LUKE arm provides resistance against light rain and fine dust, allowing wearers peace of mind when using the arm outside the home.

Available Input Devices